Our top of the line service starts with a meticulously maintained fleet of trucks. All of our trucks are completely examined by our mechanic at least once a month.
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Additional Information
Each horse is monitored for water intake and hay consumption. If there is any problem and your horse has not consumed a reasonable amount of water during his trip, you will be informed. We will wet the hay during the trip if your horse is not drinking. Also, depending on the length of the trip, we may decide to restrict hay intake to help avoid impaction colics.
We stop every 4-5 hours to water and check each horse. We will take wraps or boots off if they have shifted. We also remove or put on blankets as needed. We request that all blankets have leg straps removed prior to loading. This is to make it easier in tight quarters to remove blankets.
All horses are required to have a current coggins and health certificate.